As you know each piece of jewellery available via the e-store is designed and handmade by me in my Collingwood studio. To make way for new exciting earrings designs, I am archiving a few pieces from the Imaginary Planet collection. I always enjoy experimenting with enamel and silver, and I'm still very obsessed with earrings, so stay tuned for my new designs!

Archived for now, left to right, are the Havana Spice Imaginary Planet earrings, made with hues of blue and green vitreous enamel with a reticulated sterling silver stud; The Sphera earrings, a long elegant statement earring, with dusty blush and mushroom grey dangling planets on a sterling silver hook; The Rose Crown earrings, with a sterling silver crown stud, bright rose pink vitreous enamel, and a golden brass drop; AND the Lilac Imaginary Planet earrings, light purple vitreous enamel on a diamond shape, with the classic white 'Imaginary Planet' pattern and a reticulated sterling silver stud!

Gone for now but not forever!

Ada HodgsonComment