Product Photography Shoot with Jeremy St Quentin

Some behind the scenes snaps of how a product shoot comes together. I start out with all my jewellery samples laid out and a table full of fun props! For this shoot we kept it really simple, using one of my favourite tools (the third arms with the cross lock tweezers attached) to hold the pieces in front of the camera. Initially they were to be photoshopped out, but I really liked the connection the tools suggested- that the jewellery is handmade. So we kept them!


1- New photography lights set up, with a sensor attached to the camera, which shoots straight to Lightroom. Once everything is set up it is such a seamless operation!`

2- Samples for the Imaginary Planet collection, ready to be photographed.

3- Props and pieces set up ready for the photoshoot.

4- Detail shot of the Peppermint and Lilac Crown earrings. Sterling silver crown style stud.
5- Photographing the Imaginary Planet collection. The pieces are help up by third arms, one of my favourite tools I used in my workshop! Pictured is the front view of the Peppermint Imaginary Planet earrings. Handmade in Melbourne using sterling silver, vitreous enamel and copper.

6-The back view of the Peppermint Imaginary Planet earrings. The back is just as important to the front and I always take care to make it beautiful and surprising!

7- My favourite image from the shoot, the Reversible Imaginary Planet necklace. The colours and textures on the stormy style necklace were captured perfectly. Hand painted vitreous enamel on copper with a sterling silver chain.

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