Dream earrings in a day


I love jewellery, anyone can attest to that! By day I work in my studio; saw piercing, drilling, shaping, hammering, soldering, enamelling, experimenting and making jewellery. My inspiration comes from the natural world; oceans and sea creatures, planets and orbit paths, thermal pools and geysers. Often my ideas come to me while I'm out hiking, or diving, or sometimes when I am dreaming. Recently I had a dream where I was dancing and feasting and wearing some amazing earrings, so when I woke up the next day I quickly sketched them and decided to make them! My followers on Instagram were able to watch the progression as I posted videos in real time to my story. From sketching, to preparing the metal, making the settings for the pearls, applying and firing the enamel, setting the pearls, assembling the pieces and a final polish!

If you have some dream jewellery you wish to see realised please say hello at info@adahodgson.com and we can work on a special piece together!

Ada HodgsonComment