New flocked jewellery cases and pouches

As a child I remember obsessively rifling through my mothers, grandmothers and sisters jewellery collections. On a dresser amongst crystal dishes, vintage perfume bottles, hand woven lace doilies, hand carved wooden curiosity boxes, and maybe a secret ballerina box to boot would be all of their treasures. There would be heirlooms, antiques, buttons, 16th birthday gifts, graduation gifts, mementos from lovers, brothers, teachers. I loved all the different boxes they came in- often the most precious jewels were kept in their original box. A gold pearl from Tahiti kept in a heart shaped blue flocked box. An ebony brooch still in the original cream coloured bakelite box, silk lines with gold foil print stating the year and maker. A Ulysses butterfly brooch, still blue and lustrous, kept in a intricately carved wooden box inlaid with saw pierced and engraved brass. The exquisiteness of the jewellery always began with the experience of opening the special jewellery boxes. 

I have found some jewellery boxes and pouches which leave me with that same feeling of wonder about what luxuries lay inside. A flocked box just sends me right down memory lane to the precious pieces of jewellery I adore- and still do as now I have a small collection of vintage flocked boxes that contain my own jewellery collection.

Each piece of Ada Hodgson jewellery purchased on the website is delivered in this special packaging for you cherish and keep forever!


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